Main users of ACTRIS data and software

ACTRIS will produce data and data products essential to a wide range of communities as described in detail in the Stakeholder Handbook, section “Users” including:

  • Atmospheric science research communities world-wide
    • The climate and air-quality, observational/ experimental/ modelling/ satellite communities, national and international research programmes and organisations;
  • Environmental science research communities and communities from other neighboring fields: hydro-marine, bio-ecosystem, geosciences, space physics, energy, health, and food domain, to study interactions and processes in across different disciplines;
  • Instrument manufacturers and sensor industries for development, testing, prototyping and demonstration;
  • Operational services, National weather services, climate services for model validation, weather and climate analysis and forecasting;
  • Space agencies for validation and the development of new satellite missions;
  • National and regional air quality monitoring networks and environmental protection agencies for air quality assessments and validation of air pollution models;
  • Policy makers and local/ regional/ national authorities for climate, air-quality, health and atmoshperic hazards related information for decision making and policy development.
  • Copernicus atmospheric monitoring service (ECMWF)
  • Science community working on air quality, climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion issues