Associated Facilities

ACTRIS Data Centre provides access to a large variety of measurements, both quality-assured data and near-real-time data. All the ACTRIS data result from a joint effort by the National Facilities (NFs), the Topical Centres (TCs) and the Data Centre (DC). The five specialized data centre units (In Situ, ARES, CLU, GRES, ASC) support observational and exploratory NFs and have close links to the relevant TCs. ACTRIS TCs provide procedures and tools for quality assurance and quality control of measurements and data. Throughout a data set life cycle from NFs to users, there are clear links and procedures for interaction between the Data Centre Units, NFs and TCs.


Data Centre units Topic Centres National Facilities
In Situ CAIS/ECAC - Center for Aerosol In Situ measurements  
  CiGas - Centre for Reactive Trace Gases In Situ measurements link
  CIS -  Centre for Cloud In Situ measurements link
ARES - Aerosol remote sensing CARS - Centre for Aerosol Remote Sensing link
CLU - Cloud remote sensing CCRES - Centre for Cloud Remote Sensing link
GRES - Trace gas remote sensing CREGARS - Centre for Reactive Trace Gases Remote Sensing link
ASC - Atmospheric simulation chamber CAIS/ECAC, CiGas, CIS link