08 Jun 2022

ACTRIS topical centre for reactive trace gases in-situ measurements CiGas (https://www.actris.eu/topical-centre/cigas), IMT Nord Europe unit, successfully organized, in the framework of the EURAMET - EMPIR project “MetClimVOC” (https://www.metclimvoc.eu/) a side-by-side intercomparison campaign in Douai-France, dedicated to formaldehyde measurement in a low amount fraction range of 2 - 20 nmol/mol, from 30 May to 8 June 2022.

The objectives of the intercomparison are to evaluate the instruments metrological performance under the same challenging conditions, and to build best practices and instrumental knowledge.

The participants came from different European countries and laboratories in France as well as from the private sector. FZJV unit participated in this intercomparison and DWD unit was also involved.

Ten instruments belonging to seven different techniques were challenged with the same formaldehyde gas mixture generated either from a cylinder or from a permeation system, in different conditions (amount fractions, relative humidity, interference, blanks, etc.), flowing through a high-flow (up to 50 L/min) Silcosteel-coated manifold. The data will be analyzed and discussed in order to determine the advantages/drawbacks of the techniques.

Contact: Thérèse Salameh (therese.salameh@imt-nord-europe.fr)