U-EARTH success story

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Success story
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Healthcare industries
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Keywords: Bioaerosol, Air purification, indoor environments



The UK-based company U-EARTH was hosted twice at ChAMBRe, for approximately 15 days, to test a commercial device aimed to purify indoor air and surface form potential pathogenic micro-organisms.

U-EARTH acknowledged the quite unique features of ChAMBRe to test devices developed for air purification/disinfection. The quoted collaboration provided at U-EARTH quantitative evaluations of the efficacy of a specific equipment in several conditions of use. 

The details of the performed tests, including pictures and/or video, are covered by a not-disclosure agreement. Details may be available upon requests addressed directly to the U-EARTH R&D responsible Dr. Rosaria E. Pileci (rosariaerika.pileci@u-earth.eu).