A potential large market exists in Europe for improving air pollution control and monitoring, use of renewable energy, and developing cost-effective and innovative instrumentation.

ACTRIS provides an enabling environment for new opportunities of innovation and transfer of knowledge with the private sector. Far from being just a provider, companies (including SME) turn into active RI users and innovation co-developer thanks to collaborations and services accessed through the ACTRIS Catalogue of Services.

ACTRIS facilities can provide unique insights into new or existing products, help resolve technical uncertainties, and enable innovation, thus supporting pre-competitive and pre-commercial R&D. European, national and international businesses take advantage of experimental test sites and calibration centers for advancing their knowledge-based activities. ACTRIS actively promotes the conversion of research results into competitive applications, in addition to promoting new qualified ancillary industries, knowledge spillover, and industrial spin-offs through a collaborative innovation approach.

ACTRIS Facilities and private companies can also propose collaboration for participating in problem-solving and product development to create innovation (Open Innovation approach).

The ACTRIS innovation offer include: 

  •  training on-demand or targeting specific user groups; 
  •  the design and co-design of cutting-edge instrumentation, equipment or procedures, 
  •  exploration of instrument synergies, and new innovative research capabilities.
  •  collaborative research activities 
  •  joint instruments testing. 
  •  development of new observation techniques for aerosol, clouds, and reactive trace gases; 
  •  improvement of measurement and retrieval methodologies for aerosol, clouds, and reactive trace gases.
  • and much more

Innovation portfolio

The Innovation Portfolio displayed below showcases the distinctive innovation offer of ACTRIS to facilitate the interaction and matching with the demand for innovation coming from the private sector.

Success stories of collaborartion are also highlighted to demonstrate how the provision of the ACTRIS services impacted companies in the different sectors.

Automotive industry Chemicals Cosmetics Cultural heritage Energy Environment ICT/Data Space Textiles, fashion and creative industries Electrical and electronic engineering industries Raw materials, metals, minerals and forest-based industries

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