JFJ campaign
01 Sep 2023

In July and August 2023, two online ice nucleating particle (INP) instruments were running in parallel at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps (3580 m a.s.l.). The station is part of the ACTRIS network and will become a National Facility of the ACTRIS Topical Center for Cloud In Situ (CIS) measurements. A key objective of CIS is to establish a European network for long-term measurements of INPs, an important variable for the weather and climate systems. Visit the ACTRIS CIS website for more information: https://www.actris.eu/topical-centre/cis.

To test their comparability under ambient sampling conditions, the Portable Ice Nucleation Chamber (PINE; Möhler et al., 2021) measured alongside the automated Horizontal Ice Nucleation Chamber (HINC-auto; Brunner and Kanji, 2021), an instrument that is in continuous operation at the Jungfraujoch research station. More of such pilot intercomparison studies will be conducted in 2024 as a start of the operational activities of the CIS unit CCIce (Center for Cloud Ice Nucleation).