29 May 2024

The reactive trace gas remote sensing (RTGRS) component in ACTRIS strongly builds on the expertise and infrastructure developed over the last several decades by international networks for ground-based monitoring of atmospheric composition, particularly the global Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC). Several units of the Topical Centre for the RTGRS component in ACTRIS (CREGARS) are currently led by members of the NDACC Steering Committee or NDACC senior scientists. Several NDACC stations and instruments operated by European partners will be labeled National Facilities in ACTRIS.

Due to the heritage and common scientific objectives and stakeholders between NDACC and ACTRIS, both Parties feel it is very important to collaborate and mutually exchange relevant expertise, to share data and research, and to promote both NDACC and ACTRIS communities to continue working closely together. 

This intention for collaboration including both Parties’ responsibilities has been laid down in a Memory of Understanding (MoU) approved by the ACTRIS General Assembly in its third meeting in May 2024 and signed by both Parties. This agreement will promote and strengthen future common research and scientific service activities.  

The ACTRIS-NDACC MoU is the first agreement concerning international collaboration signed by ACTRIS and serves as an example for other communities and partnerships in the future.