EJ as DG
29 May 2024

ACTRIS ERIC is proud to announce the selection of its first Director General, Eija Juurola. The appointment marks a significant milestone in ACTRIS ERIC’s mission to develop, coordinate, and operate a Pan-European distributed research infrastructure for short-lived atmospheric constituents.


Eija Juurola brings extensive expertise to ACTRIS ERIC and she has been acting as Interim Director General since the establishment of the ACTRIS ERIC in 2023. With a term of five years, she will be responsible for developing and directing the ACTRIS strategy and operations, leading the technical implementation, and ensuring the scientific and strategic growth of the infrastructure.

In this pivotal role, the Director General will:

- Develop and Direct Strategy: Shape the future of ACTRIS by crafting and executing a forward-looking strategy that aligns with the organization’s mission and goals.

- Lead Technical Implementation: Oversee the technical aspects of ACTRIS, ensuring that cutting-edge technology and methodologies are employed to achieve accurate and reliable atmospheric observations.

- Foster Integration of Stakeholders: Build and maintain mutual trust among a diverse array of stakeholders, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment that promotes integration and shared objectives.

- Ensure Socio-Economic Impact: Guarantee that the scientific endeavors and strategic initiatives of ACTRIS deliver tangible socio-economic benefits, drive technological advancements, and spur innovation.

- Implement General Assembly Decisions: Execute the resolutions and directives of the ACTRIS ERIC General Assembly, ensuring that the organization’s governance and operational frameworks are effectively managed.

Juurola’s appointment is a testament to ACTRIS ERIC’s commitment to excellence, innovation and its dedication to addressing critical environmental challenges. The Director General will play a crucial role in steering the organization towards achieving its long-term vision and enhancing its impact on society.

“I am honored to be selected as the first Director General and to lead this remarkable organization. Together, we will advance and consolidate ACTRIS vision and mission and enhance its impact on society,” ,” said Eija Juurola.

“We are pleased to welcome Eija Juurola as the Director General of ACTRIS ERIC. Her expertise and leadership will be invaluable as we continue to expand ACTRIS capabilities and drive innovation in atmospheric science,” said Jean-Marie Flaud, Chair of the ACTRIS ERIC General Assembly.

ACTRIS ERIC looks forward to a future of groundbreaking research, increased stakeholder collaboration, and significant contributions to atmospheric science under the leadership of Eija Juurola.