02 Dec 2022

ACTRIS-DK is now a reality with an infrastructure grant from Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science (project No. 5072-00032B). We are excited to report that the first annual meeting was held outside Copenhagen in January 25th – 26th 2022.  

ACTRIS-DK includes two environmental chamber facilities, Atmospheric Chemistry EXploratory platform (ACEX) that aim on urban pollutants; Aarhus University Research on Aerosol smog chamber (AURA) that among others explores the chemistry and physics at temperatures below freezing point. In addition, two field stations; The rural observational platform Risø air monitoring station (Risø) studies the atmospheric composition in the regional air upwind of Copenhagen, and finally Villum Research Station in North East Greenland (Villum). At this site, we will investigate the atmospheric composition in a rapidly changing climate. Finally, we have also focused on the education of new generations of scientists and thus we have a special work package on education.  

Participants at the first meeting ACTRIS-DK meeting. From Left; Teis Mikkelsen, Merete Bilde, Ebba Dellwik, Andreas Massling, Karsten Fuglsang, Kristian Oluf Sylvester-Hvid, Lise Lotte Sørensen, Matthew Johnson; Henrik Skov and Henrik Kjærgaard.  


Contact information
NFP: Henrik Skov: 
Head of ACEX: Matthew Johnson 
Head of AURA: Merete Bilde 
Head of Risø: Ebba Dellwik and Andreas Massling