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TRL / Lifecycle:  TRL7

Type of collaboration: Research- and industrial partnerships; long-term agreements; Industry- / co-sponsored Pilots

Keywords: environmental monitoring, extreme environments, pure air, aerosols, clouds, trace gases, prototypings


Pallastunturi (FINLAND)

Pallastunturi can be considered as an Arctic test bench, where system prototypes can be tested, validated and demonstrated in an operational, extreme environment.

Novel instrumentation for environmental monitoring, or equipment planned to operate in extreme environments, require prototype testing in real-life conditions.

At Pallastunturi, several unique natural conditions exist for testing different prototype equipment:
- Arctic wintery conditions (e.g. low temperature, high wind speed),
- Polar summer/winter sunlight,
- Very pure air with extremely low concentrations of atmospheric pollutants
- Opportunity for in situ, in-cloud prototype testing
- Conditions for riming experiments
- Designated fly-zone (7km*7km, 2km height) with a possibility to operate UAV's beyond visible line of sight

The Pallastunturi ACTRIS National Facility is equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation measuring environmental conditions including a wide range of meteorological parameters; atmospheric composition such as aerosols, greenhouse gases and trace gases, clouds; as well as ecosystem observations. Access to the station, including all data is provided supporting any activities related to, e.g. Pre-competitive research; Feasibility studies; Proof of concept/demonstration.


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