Scientific exploration at the PACS-C2 atmospheric simulation chamber


PACS-C2 – PSI Atmospheric Chemistry Simulation Chambers

15 March 2023


The service consists of:
- Provision of data from simulation chamber experiments,
- possibility to perform 6hr experiments in the simulation chamber, 
- technical service to use own instruments,
- training for planning, evaluation and interpretation of experiments. 
- Hands-on training sessions with state of the art instrumentation connected to PACS-C2 
- Training on how to perform chamber experiments by experienced scientists.

PSI has a full suite of state of the art instrumentation. Depending on the objectives of the campaign, the chambers can be equipped with the following instruments for gas phase characterization: a proton-transfer reaction time of flight mass spectrometer (PTR-TOF-MS), a chemical ionization atmospheric pressure interface time of flight MS (CI-APi-TOF), as well as the standard NOx and ozone monitors; for NO there is also a high sensitivity instrument (detection limit 5 ppt) available, important for experiments a low NOx conditions. For the characterization of the particle phase the following instrumentation is available: condensation particle counters with different lower cut-off sizes (3 and 10 nm), a particle size magnifier (PSM for even smaller particles, scanning mobility particle sizers (SMPS) for the size distribution (two different size ranges available with a nano and a standard SMPS), a high resolution time of flight aerosol mass spectrometer (TOF-AMS), extractive electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (EESI-ToF), an instrument for on-line determination or reactive oxygen species (ROS) and peroxides. For black carbon measurements, a single particle soot photometer (SP2) and an aethalometer are available. 

PACS-C2 also focuses on studies on primary emissions and has many sources of primary emissions available (e.g residential wood burning, coal combustion, open burning emissions, vehicular idle emissions). 


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PACS-C2 – PSI Atmospheric Chemistry Simulation Chambers
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