General requirements for CiGas-NFs

NFs (i.e. observational platforms) have to comply to the following general requirements:

  • Collocated measurements of at least 6 different VOCs and NOx
  • Accompanied measurements of meteorological parameters in high time resolution near the place of the air intake port for the analysers. (wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, and air pressure)
  • Use of a standard traceable to the CiGas Measurements
  • The performance of the measurement instrument has to be checked against a target gas in regular intervals (e.g., monthly).
  • Reported data include the measured amount fractions, precisions and uncertainties as specified in SOP-VOC (2014) and SOP-NOx (2014), as well as flags
  • Data have to be regularly (e.g., monthly) reviewed for consistency with existing data from the same measurement site and against similar European measurement sites à @VOC@-Tool (
  • Data are submitted with metadata and data flagging at least yearly (by end of March).
  • Data is reviewed by CiGas and will be discussed at an annual data quality meeting
  • Participation in round-robin exercises
  • Accept and organize performance audits by CiGas.

General requirements for exploratory platforms are under development.

The ACTRIS  Documentation on technical concepts and requirements for ACTRIS Observational Platforms can you find here.

Measurement Guidelines

For NOx and VOC can be found here SOP for NOx and VOC

Labelling step 1a

The workflow to proceed in labelling step 1a for reactive trace gas insitu measurements can be found here CiGas labeling step 1a Workflow

The link to the labelling interface can be found here

Trainings/tutorials related to CiGas activities

EBAS tutorials for data submission:

CiGas-Empa @VOC@ tutorials:

Services provided to NFs

CiGas is providing services to users on demand. Requests should be addressed through SAMU. Services available:

Services provided by ACTRIS



Modality of access

Access to measurement guidelines (MG) and standard operation procedures (SOP)

NOx by Chemilumenescence

NMHCs by Thermodesorption-Gaschromatography

Virtual access
Data quality assurance workshop

NOx by Chemilumenescence

NMHCs by Thermodesorption-Gaschromatography

Virtual/physical access
Hands-on training    
Round robin    
On-site audit    
Virtual audit    
Intercomparison Condensables - CI-APi-TOF physical access
Instrument calibration Condensables - CI-APi-TOF physical access










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