22 Jul
31 May

The third and last call for proposals to access ACTRIS facilities has been opened in July 2022. The ACTRIS IMP project offers limited opportunities for free-of-charge Trans-National Access (TNA) to specific services at 11 ACTRIS facilities comprising Topical Centres (TCs), the Data Centre (DC), National Facilities (NFs), or combined ACTRIS Facilities (NF-TC), located in 10 different countries.

The novelty for this last call for access will be the use of the Platform for managing user access to ACTRIS ServiceS (PASS)

The objective of the TNA pilot is to implement and test the service provision to assess and improve the reliability of the overall service provision within ACTRIS, increase user trust and expand the user base. Access is offered to specific services described in the ACTRIS brochure.

Go to the TNA page for more information.

Timeline of the call :

  • Call opening period: 22 July 2022 - 31 May 2023
  • Access period: October 2022 – June 2023

Please note to fill in the completed application form at least 9 weeks before the beginning of your project.

This call is continuous until March 2023 meaning that there is no deadline for this call. The access period  should be completed by June 2023 and reporting documents sent timely by July 2023 at the latest.