ACTRIS-related Horizon Europe Project in 2024
30 Jan 2024

In 2024 ACTRIS is participating in four ACTRIS-related Horizon Europe projects.


ENVRINNOV: ENVironment Research infrastructures INNOVation Roadmap

The face-to-face kickoff for ENVRINNOV took place in January 2024 at The Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

ENVRINNOV aims to co-design, test, and validate a common Innovation Roadmap for the ENVRI community. This roadmap will set a credible pathway for the ENVRI community to establish and operate an ENVRI Innovation Hub (EIH), for the future development of new state-of-the-art technologies and services. The project will also develop the tools, policies, and community necessary for the roadmap’s successful implementation. It is a 3-year project coordinated by the Cyprus Institute. 

In this project, ACTRIS is coordinating the construction of the innovation hub and supporting its dissemination through the already established ENVRI Community channels. 

The project is funded by Horizon Europe under Call: HORIZON-INFRA-2023-DEV-01 (Grant Number 101131426). 

Read more about ENVRINNOV on the ENVRI community website.


Participants of the ENVRINNOV kick-off in Cyprus, January 2024.



The IRISCC Horizon Europe INFRASERV project is gathering more than 60 partners and is coordinated by Luke in Finland. The ultimate goal of IRISCC is to support society’s capacity to address and strengthen resilience to climate change risks through the establishment of a service portfolio with transnational and virtual access provision to integrated RI services. The access is provided to complementary and interdisciplinary cutting-edge European and national research infrastructures, including observatories, experimental facilities, modeling, and data infrastructures. IRISCC fosters challenge-driven and interdisciplinary research on climate-change-related multi-hazard risks to support evidence-based policymaking, and decision-making, and to improve Europe's resilience to climate change.

The IRISCC Kick-off meeting will be  held in Helsinki, Finland on 5-7 June 2024


POLARIN is an international network of polar research infrastructures and their services, aiming at addressing the scientific challenges of the polar regions. The network includes a wide array of complementary and interdisciplinary top level research infrastructures: Arctic and Antarctic research stations, research vessels and icebreakers operating at both poles, observatories, data infrastructures and ice and sediment core repositories. POLARIN will provide integrated, challenge-driven, and combined access to these infrastructures to facilitate interdisciplinary research on complex processes.

The project kicks off in March 2024 and is coordinated by the Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum Fur Polar- Und Meeresforschung in Germany.



The goal of CARGO-ACT is to deliver a clear roadmap for sustainable global cooperation between key ground-based aerosol, cloud, and trace gas research infrastructures, each having invested in infrastructure and services to support their observing networks with a long-term perspective, to consolidate into a sustainable global research infrastructure in the future. CARGO-ACT will develop sustainable partnerships and decision-making processes with relevant partners, demonstrate the benefits of converging interoperability and standards to stakeholders and the global research community, establish the mechanisms for providing international access to distributed research infrastructures and develop a roadmap for upscaling towards an integrated global research infrastructure for aerosol, cloud, and trace gases.

CARGO-ACT is coordinated by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Finland. The project kick-off meeting is scheduled  on May 17th, 2024, in Rennes, France