ATMO-ACCESS Virtual Access Portal
14 Sep 2023

The ATMO-ACCESS digital online services for science are building on the expertise of ACTRIS, ICOS, and IAGOS. The virtual access portal offers online cross-atmospheric research infrastructure services, addresses the archiving and curation of data, integrated data products for analysis and interpretation, and virtual tools for training. The following services are already up and running!

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Homeless data portal:

A portal for submission of measurement data from research projects, not associated with any long-term projects/networks or sustainable data centres. 

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Footprint analysis tool for greenhouse gases, aerosols, and reactive trace gases:

Model tools for interpretation of measurement data both measured at the ground and from aircraft. You can request model runs to produce data products (e.g. footprint, source contributions) for your decided locations, or search and use the already produced products. 

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Time series analysis:

Identify, utilize, and combine data more effectively across RIs and data repositories, including data coverage, collocation of data, and visualization of data.