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Keywords: LIDAR, cooler, safety, transport, optics




The success story is related to the moving of the complete high power lidar IPRAL involved in ACTRIS activities at SIRTA observatory in Palaiseau (peri-urban site in Paris) since 2015 from a container to the new building of the observatory in 2022.
The whole operation occurred from end of 2021 to mid 2022. The operation was successfully completed in June 2022 and involved more than seven companies with different expertise.
The IPRAL Lidar is now running in a better environment inside a specific room of the new building and is ready to operate at the SIRTA National Facility and provide data to ACTRIS in the framework of the Aerosol Remote Sensing.

The following companies partnered with SIRTA to achieve the remarkable results.

  • Spectra Physics, MICRO-CONTRÔLE Spectra-Physics SAS,MKS Instruments, Inc.
  • Gordien Strato SARL, Lidar development
  • Raymetrics S.A., Lidar development
  • Gesten, cooling company
  • STPEE, electrical safety company
  • Bovis, transportation expertise for sensitive equipments
  • Campbell Scientific INC, acquisition devices and sensors
  • PSX R-architecture, building design and realization

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