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Keywords: new technology, instrument, measurements


The Centre for Reactive Trace Gases In Situ Measurements (CiGas)-FZJN

The unit CiGas-FZJN of the Centre for Reactive Trace Gases In Situ Measurements (CiGas) has been collaborating with Airyx GmbH and MIRO Analytical AG for several years in the application and development of NOx instrumentation based on innovative technologies.

Both companies developed from research institutions in Germany (University of Heidelberg) and Switzerland (EMPA) with whom CiGas has maintained cooperation for decades. Airyx also took part in the ACTRIS-IMP TNA at the simulation chamber SAPHIR, in which instruments measuring NO2 were compared as part of the qualityassurance by CiGas.

In addition to instruments measuring at NF observational platforms, Airyx provided an instrument making use of a new method, the CE-DOAS method that could be validated by measurements of CiGas reference instruments. CE-DOAS instruments have the potential to be deployed at observational platforms in the future.




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