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Keywords: forest management, wood products, forest owner



Centre for Aerosol In Situ - European Centre for Aerosol Calibration (CAIS-ECAC), Centre for Reactive Trace Gases In Situ (CiGas)

The Centre for Aerosol In Situ - European Centre for Aerosol Calibration (CAIS-ECAC) and the Centre for Reactive Trace Gases In Situ (CiGas) are involved in the  EU project CLIMB-FOREST studying alternative forestry in the entire EU into the future, mitigating climate change, while preserving biodiversity and ecosystem services at the same time.

At least 11 forestry owners and wood product companies will collaborate on the choices for the future of resillient tree types and forest management.

  • Fritzøe private forest owner, Norway
  • Neroj private forest owner, Poland
  • Biskupství královéhradecké private forest owner, Czechia
  • CRPF private forestry association, France
  • AMUFOR association of forest municipalities & owners, Spain
  • Bergene Holm Sawmill, Norway
  • Swiss Krono Group, wood panel industry, Poland
  • ALDP association of forestry and wood processing companies, Czechia
  • FCBA forest/wood sector association, France
  • FEVAMA federation of wood and furniture enterprises in Valencia, Spain
  • Selvik Bruk forest owner, Norway

Selected ACTRIS in-situ stations (Hyltemossa, Norunda, Hyytiälä, Melpitz, Kosetice, Barcelona and  others yet to be considered) are a part of this research to quantify directly or indirectly the climate effects of terpenoids, smelling so good in the forest and aerosol particles.

ACTRIS support has been fundamental to gathering data and enhancing process understanding of carbon uptake, sinks, and other factors impacting climate at intensively researched forest field site infrastructures.

Collected data allowed for performing pan-European modelling of scenarios, and the environmental and climate impact of alternative pathways for European forestry and to ensure adaptation to new management strategies and forest preservation in geographically representative locations in Europe.. 


climb-forest interactions

Figure 8: Scheme of the forest-climate interactions.


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