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Keywords:  data, digital tool, application development, earth observations



Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation - MEEO S.r.l. ( is a privately-held company devoted to the implementation and development of products and services based on remote sensing of the Earth-Atmosphere system. MEEO is a consolidated partner of the European Space Agency (ESA) and since 2011 an affiliated partner of the Climate-KIC association.

The main expertise offered deals with implementation and operation of Earth Observation and geo-spatial data infrastructure tools, e-Collaborations and e-Research services, climate data services, Image information mining tools, satellite and ground data integration, change detection application, multi-source/multi-temporal analysis, WebGIS Applications development and implementation for private and public local administrations; standardization of processes and data storage / transmission tools.

CNR-IMAA collaboaretd with MEEO S.r.l. to develop integrated data visualization tools, including ACTRIS aerosol remote sensing data, satellite and model data. The collaboration is ongoing on other topics related to climate data services, image information mining tools, satellite and ground data integration, multi-source/multi-temporal analysis, WebGIS applications, standardization of processes and data storage, and others.


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