Did you already know ACTRIS and got in touch with the RI?
Do you know the ACTRIS services?
Which is your position toward ACTRIS and ACTRIS services? Or How you can define the type of collaboration between your company and ACTRIS?
If user, please, specify if you are:
Is you company an intermediary user, i.e. your company is not the end-user of the ACTRIS product/service?
Where is your company located in respect to the ACTRIS collaboration institution?
How would you describe the nature of the collaboration between ACTRIS and your company in the past?
Which services or collaboration did your company already use or is it interested in? (Please specify)
At which stages of the industry’s research, development and innovation process did your institution get support and services from an ACTRIS-related research-performing organisation?
Did your company participate in an active programme of joint technology innovation pilots?
Which of the following measures would help most to develop collaborations between ACTRIS and your company?
Which access type are you most interested in: