ACTRIS is the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases. ACTRIS is composed of observing stations, exploratory platforms, instruments calibration centres, and a data centre. ACTRIS serves a vast community working on models and forecast systems by offering high quality data for atmospheric gases, clouds, and trace gases.


ACTRIS on ESFRI roadmap

ACTRIS-2 IA in H2020 (2015-2019)

ACTRIS I3 in FP7 (2011-2015)


Actris Preparatory Phase project was submitted
30 June 2016
The H2020 ACTRIS PPP proposal was submitted to the EC on June 22, 2016. ACTRIS PPP aims to bring ACTRIS to the level of organizational, operational, and strategic maturity that is required for its implementation to become a fully operational pan-European Research Infrastructure.  

AERONET Europe newsletter
17 June 2016
The first AERONET newsletter has been released! Read more... 

ACTRIS-2 and EUFAR are now collaborating!
14 June 2016
EUFAR is an EU FP7-Integrating Activity (2014-2018) with the aim to provide researchers with easy and open access to the airborne research facilities that are most suited to their needs. Read more... 

ESFRI Roadmap 2016 published!
16 March 2016
ACTRIS is identified on the ESFRI Roadmap 2016 document presented during the launch event on March 10, 2016 in Amsterdam. Read more... 

Specific 2016 calls for access to Lidar Calibration
01 March 2016
3 Calls for access to LiCal are now open! Submission deadline: March 31, 2016 Read more... 

1st ENVRIplus call for access to RI!
18 January 2016
Submit your proposal for multi-disciplinary access to Environmental Research Infrastructures. read more ...

ACTRIS has been selected for the new ESFRI 2016 roadmap!
08 December 2015
ACTRIS has taken an important step towards a long-term research infrastructure. On December 8, 2015, the EFSRI forum selected ACTRIS as one of the new infrastructures on the 2016 roadmap.  read more ...

Data center website: new version
23 October 2015
The ACTRIS data center just released a new version of its website. read more ...

Associated Partnership open to SMEs
15 October 2015
SMEs can now apply for ACTRIS-2 associated partnership. read more ...

ENVRIplus has a new website
18 September 2015

ENVRIplus brings together Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures to create a more coherent cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures across Europe. 


Summer school on observations and modeling of clouds
July 13-22, 2016 | Hyytiälä, Finland

9th Workshop on Lidar measurements in Latin America

July 17-22, 2016 | Santos, Brazil

22nd European Aerosol Conference
September 4-9, 2016 | Tours, France

Workshop on the development of the ACTRIS Data centre
September 12-13, 2016 | Utrecht, The Netherlands

15th AeroCom and 5th AeroSAT workshops

September 19-23, 2016 | Beijing,  China

SPIE Remote Sensing

September 26-29, 2016 | Edinburgh, UK

2nd ACTRIS-2 WP3 Technical meeting
October 11-13, 2016 | Bologna, Italy

NOx Side by Side Intercomparison Campaign
October 10-21, 2016 | Hohenpeissenberg, Germany

5th ChArMEx International Worskshop
October 17-21, 2016 | Lanarca, Cyprus

Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Summer School
October 10-14, 2016 | Julich, Germany

ACTRIS-2 Second Workshop "Profiling of aerosols and clouds" and collocated meetings
November 7-11, 2016 | Barcelona, Spain

3rd ACTRIS-2 General Meeting
January 30th - February 3rd 2017 | Granada, Spain

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