ACTRIS Organization


Interim ACTRIS Council

Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC) is a board of ministry and funding organization representatives nominated by countries, who have signed a letter of political support to the ACTRIS. 

The IAC is the highest decision-making body until ACTRIS ERIC as a legal entity is in place.



Scientific and Implementation Advisory board

The ACTRIS Scientific and Implementation Advisory Board (SIAB) is an external advisory body to advise and support the Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC) and the ACTRIS Implementation Project (IMP) in their implementation work to obtain the objectives of ACTRIS. They will:

  • give feedback and advice on how to best achieve the overall science objectives of ACTRIS,
  • follow the progress in achieving these goals, and help to develop strategies that will advance the development of ACTRIS,
  • promote innovative activities of ACTRIS, and
  • assure that the appropriate information about implementation is delivered to track the construction and operation scope, schedule, budget, risk, and contingency.

The SIAB comments on the overall technical plans and directions and follows the implementation and setting-up of the ACTRIS legal entity. It makes recommendations for further developing ACTRIS research infrastructure services and management.
The SIAB covers all the relevant scientific fields of expertise of ACTRIS, and the aspects of implementation.

ACTRIS Management

Until ACTRIS ERIC is established, ACTRIS management structure is composed by:

The Interim ACTRIS Leader is the leader of ACTRIS in the interim period before the establishment of ACTRIS ERIC, being in charge of ACTRIS implementation and leading the Interim ACTRIS Head Office. The Interim ACTRIS Leader is a contact person towards ESFRI and IAC delegates. The term of Interim ACTRIS Leader will end when the Director General is recruited. 

The ACTRIS Scientific Chair acts as a focal point when ACTRIS RI is contacted from outside regarding scientific questions and coordinates the scientific cooperation to facilitate the scientific and technological excellence within ACTRIS. The Scientific Chair works for the visibility of ACTRIS in international research and science arenas and facilitates the Central Facilities and other ACTRIS scientists in the scientific and research-oriented developments.

The ACTRIS Scientific Chair is a position of trust, elected among the Interim RI Committee members. The Scientific Chair is selected for the ACTRIS interim period.

The Interim Research Infrastructure (RI) Committee is the advisory body on matters related to consistency, coherence and sustainability of the implementation and operation of the RI.

The Interim RI Committee supports the Interim ACTRIS Leader in matters related to ACTRIS RI implementation, and the Scientific Chair on the matters related to scientific and technical issues.

In addition, the Interim RI Committee supports the strategic scientific planning, to enable and strengthen the communication between the National Facilities (NFs) and Central Facilities (CFs), and the interim governance bodies. The Interim RI Committee acts during the interim phase, facilitating the transition from the project-based governance towards RI governance and management. The term of the Interim RI Committee will apply until the General Assembly of the ACTRIS ERIC appoints the corresponding body decided for the ACTRIS ERIC.

The Interim RI Committee is composed of the eight (8) CF leaders, (7) NF representatives of different components of ACTRIS, the Interim ACTRIS Leader, and the eleven (11) WP leaders of ACTRIS IMPproject (2020-2023), to ensure information sharing and integration of the project into the ACTRISinterim management.

The Central Facility leaders have a key role in the leadership and management of the distributed research infrastructure. They coordinate and manage the activities in the Central Facilities, but they also act as an interface between the Central Facility units and the Interim ACTRIS Leader.

Furthermore, together with the Interim ACTRIS Leader and Scientific Chair, they represent ACTRISin their field of expertise.