The Structure

ACTRIS PPP Work Packages are organized into three themes: Organizational structure, Operational structure and Strategic work. Together these interconnected themes work towards the implementation of the research infrastructure. Work package 9 remains in between the themes, structuring the project and running day-to-day management.

Organizational structure consists of work packages contributing to the setting up of the research infrastructure, focusing on the governance, financial, and legal aspects.

Operational structure builds the operational framework for the research infrastructure and establishes provision, quality control and access to ACTRIS services.

Strategic work provides ACTRIS with long-term insight, analyzing socio-economic impacts, forming a strategy and placing ACTRIS in international service landscape

Work Package Leaders


 Number Title Lead Beneficiary WP Leader
 WP1  ACTRIS Governance and Management FMI Sanna Sorvari
 WP2 Legal Framework UHEL Pirjo Kontkanen
 WP3 Financial Framework CNR Carmela Cornacchia
 WP4 Central Facilities INOE Doina Nicolae
 WP5 National Facilities TROPOS Ulla Wandinger
 WP6 Service Provision CNRS Sabine Philippin
 WP7 Strategy and Long-Term Vision UHEL Paolo Laj
 WP8 Socio-Economic Impact Analysis NOA Nikos Mihalopoulos
 WP9 PPP Management FMI Niku Kivekäs