ACTRIS IMP (2020-2023)

The ACTRIS Implementation Project is a EU Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Sction (grant agreement No 871115). ACTRIS IMP started on 1 January 2020 for a period of 4 years.

ACTRIS Implementation project (ACTRIS IMP) builds on the achievements of the successful ACTRIS PPP and on the scientific and technical deliveries of the ACTRIS-2 and EUROCHAMP-2020 projects. The ACTRIS IMP project objectives are based on the overall ACTRIS implementation phase objectives. Moreover, the ACTRIS IMP project will elevate ACTRIS to a new level of maturity and will set the required coordinated structures for coherent implementation actions, to be performed at both the national and European level.

The overarching objective of ACTRIS IMP is to coordinate and accomplish the actions required for implementing a globally-recognised long-term sustainable research infrastructure with operational services by 2025.

ACTRIS IMP will build on three strategic pillars: 1) securing the long-term sustainability of ACTRIS; 2) ensuring the coordinated implementation of ACTRIS functionalities; and 3) positioning ACTRIS in the regional, European and international science and innovation landscape. ACTRIS IMP will enable ACTRIS to respond to user-community needs and requirements for fully operational services supporting Earth system science, for atmospheric and climate research in particular. Moreover, ACTRIS IMP will enhance ACTRIS relevance, innovation potential, and societal impacts.

ACTRIS IMP will form the coordinated European framework having the necessary with the needed tools towards for achieving these objectives duringin the four-year duration of the project, also implementing effective risk management and contingency plans to fully embrace all requirements for its the successful implementation of ACTRIS.


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