ACTRIS-CAMS Work Packages

Work packages CAMS_21a – Provision of ACTRIS Observations (surface)


WP# WP Title WP Leader
WP0 Project Management  Sabine Philippin (CNRS)
WP1 NRT Procedures for physical and optical properties  Alfred Wiedensohler (TROPOS)
WP2 NRT Procedures for aerosol chemical composition  Olivier Favez (INERIS)
WP3 Data provision to CAMS  Cathrine Lund Myhre (NILU)
WP4 Sustainability and assessment  Paolo Laj (CNRS/UGA)



Work packages CAMS_21b – Provision of ACTRIS Observations (profiles)

WP# WPTitle WP Leader
WP0 Contract Management Lucia Mona (CNR)
WP1 Design and implementation of system e-architecture
Giuseppe D'Amico (CNR)
WP2 Provision of aerosol profile observations
Lucia Mona (CNR)