Call for Associated Partnership with the Private Sector

The ACTRIS-2 Call for Associated partnerships with SMEs is now open!

ACTRIS-2 (Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure) is a  Project supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme (2015-2019) for the observation of Aerosols, Clouds and short-lived Gas phase species.

One of the key objectives of ACTRIS-2 are to enhance and foster cooperation with industrial and commercial companies,  and in particular with European SMEs involved in environmental monitoring and development of technologies and services related to atmospheric observations.

ACTRIS-2 and its predecessor projects (EARLINET, Cloudnet, and EUSAAR) have strongly been promoting innovation and standardization through partnerships with the private sector. This has contributed to improving and developing observation technologies, software and methods, standardization, and exchange of expertise for near-surface and remote sensing. The achievements are well illustrated by products and methodologies that are now commercially available on the market.

ACTRIS-2 will maintain and reinforce private sector industrial and commercial partnerships within all project activities:
  • Networking Activities for profiling of aerosols, clouds, and near-surface aerosols and reactive gases
    • to optimize and integrate the European observing capabilities
    • to improve instrumentation, standardization, and quality assessment
    • to implement new data products and processing algorithms
    • to exchange scientific and technical expertise
  • Joint Research Activities for upgrading and enhancing the services offered by the ACTRIS infrastructure
    • to improve the accuracy of aerosol light absorption determinations
    • to standardize vertical exchange measurements of aerosol particles using both surface-based and remote sensing techniques
    • to link the observation data provided by ACTRIS with operational aerosol/cloud and climate models
  • Transnational Access activities to provide access to opening observation facilities and calibration centers
    • for  testing of instruments and novel devices and inter-comparisons at European observing sites
    • for testing and calibration of LIDAR and ceilometers systems and components
    • for calibration and maintenance of sun/sky/lunar photometers
    • for testing, quality monitoring, calibrations, and inter-comparisons of physical, optical, and chemical in-situ aerosol measurements.

Through industrial and commercial partnerships, ACTRIS-2 expects to further develop the innovation potential by upgrading and enhancing the services offered, by improving the quality of measurements and data provided, by developing new observing technologies and services, and by strengthening the readiness transfer level of prototype instruments relevant to ACTRIS observations.

ACTRIS-2 will provide a platform for joint ventures through close collaborations providing mutual benefit to both research institutions and private companies.

Information about how to apply is available here.