ACTRIS-2 2016 Calls to Lidar calibration (LiCal)

Call for the 1st LiReQA test analysis

LiCal launches the first call for collection and analysis of the ACTRIS-EARLINET QA tests.

Applications should be submitted to by 31st of March 2016, using the TNA request form LiCal-TNArequest-EQA1.xls. The sample files should be sent to by 31st of March 2016.

Target users: ACTRIS-EARLINET PIs and any other interested Lidar operators.

Note: PIs that already sent the sample files are kindly asked to fill and send also the TNA request form.


Call for the 1st LiCalTrain workshop

LiCal organizes the first workshop for intensive training in ACTRIS-EARLINET quality assurance programme. The hands-on training will be organized at the LiCalTrain facility in Bucharest, in the period 23-27 May 2016.

Applications should be submitted to by 31st of March 2016, using the TNA request form LiCal-TNArequest-TTW1.xls. Limited travel support is available in the framework of ACTRIS-2 project. Information on logistics and detailed agenda will be distributed to the applicants via email at a later stage.

Main focus: a) basics of the instrument; b) common problems and solutions; c) ACTRIS-EARLINET QA tests (theory, tools, hands-on, analysis); d) good practices in operation and maintenance; e) problem identification; f) introduction to data check-up procedures.

Target users: ACTRIS-EARLINET new lidar operators, external lidar operators

Note: The training workshop is embedded into a larger event, the ECARS Summer School (23 May – 3 June 2016), which addresses in addition the challenges of airborne lidars and field campaigns. Applicants are kindly asked to specify in the application form if they want to participate for the whole period or just for the LiCal workshop. No fee applies for any of the events.

Call for the 1st LiCoTest workshop

LiCal organizes the first call for the characterization and testing of the lidar optical components, in coordination with the LiCalTrain 1st workshop (23-27 May 2016). Participants to the training can bring components and participate to the laboratory tests, however the call is not restricted to those. Components can also be sent via carrier.

Applications should be submitted to by 31st of March 2016, using the TNA request form LiCal-TNArequest-CTW1.xls.

Main focus: a) interference filters center wavelength, homogeneity, bandwidth fwhm with an accuracy <0.1nm at 0 degrees; b) spatial homogeneity of the linear polarization filters used in the depolarization channels: extinction ratio (1mm spots), overall extinction ratio; c) emission optics transmittance and reflectance parameters (Rp, Rs, Tp, Ts), retardation at 45 degrees incidence angle +-5 degree (accuracy 0.1 degrees and resolution 0.5 degrees).

Target users: ACTRIS-EARLINET and external lidar operators, manufacturers of optics for lidar, lidar integrators

Note: Applicants are kindly asked to send a picture of the components together with the application form, with dimension references. This will be used to assess beforehand the feasibility of characterizing the component with the existing laboratory capacities.