7th PAllas Cloud Experiment (PACE 2017)

The 7th PAllas Cloud Experiment will take place at Finnish Meteorological Institute Pallas-Sodankylä Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) station in Finnish sub-Arctic region starting from September 1st, 2017.

Focus of the campaign will be the same as for PaCE 2015 (link:, the aerosol-cloud interactions by using both in-situ and remote-sensing techniques. Any ground-based remote sensing instrumentation is highly welcome to join.

This year we would like to also invite RPAS users. Finland is one of the most liberal countries in RPAS policy. We are aiming for reserved airspace around Sammaltunturi station: 6 km in width and up to 2 km in height. More details will be provided later.

Campaign general issues: David Brus (
Remote sensing specific issues: Anne Hirsikko (;