Interim ACTRIS Council

Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC) is a board of ministry- and funding organization representatives nominated by countries preparing ACTRIS at that level. The IAC is the highest decision making body in ACTRIS until a legal entity for ACTRIS is in place.

The IAC is open for new members and observers during its entire lifetime.

Countries may join as members of the IAC by signing the Letter of Intent. The signed letter can be sent to the Interim ACTRIS Head Office (actris-head-office@helsinki.fias scanned PDF. Countries may also participate in the IAC as observers by sending a request to the Chairperson of the IAC. Observers have the right to attend IAC meetings without a voting right. The IAC approves new members and observers in its meeting.


Countries represented in Interim ACTRIS Council

Country Status
    Austria Member
Belgium Member
 Bulgaria Member
Cyprus Member
Czech Republic Member
Finland Member
France Member
Greece Member
Italy Member

Norway Member
Poland Member
Romania Member
Spain Member
Switzerland Member
United Kingdom Member

Germany Observer
 Nominated delegates