ACTRIS-2: WP documents

 WP1 Management
 WP2 Profiling of aerosols and clouds
    WP2 working documents
 WP3 Near-surface observations of aerosols, clouds and trace gases
    WP3 timeline (status Oct 2016)
    WP3 working documents
    WP3 public documents
 WP4 ACTRIS Innovation Platform
 WP5 ACTRIS-2 training, outreach and sustainability actions
 WP6 Lidar Calibration Centre
 WP7 AERONET-EUROPE Calibration Centre
 WP8 European Centre for Aerosol Calibration (ECAC)
 WP9 Physical access to advanced ACTRIS stations
    TNA Overview
    Documents for TNA users
 WP10 ACTRIS Data Centre
    WP10 working documents
 WP11 Improving the accuracy of aerosol light absorption determinations
    WP11 shared documents
  WP12 The surface exchange and vertical transport of aerosols
 WP13 Model evaluation, assimilation and trend