LIDAR Calibration Center (LiCal)

LiCal is the official Lidar Calibration Centre offering a wide range of services to test and calibrate lidars and ceilometers, starting from the characterization and optimization of single components, to the assessment of the whole system’s performance, and training of instrument operators. LiCal is a multi-installation facility located in Romania (INOE), Germany (LMU), and Italy (CNR-IMAA) and consists of

  • a Lidar Calibration Training Laboratory (LiCalTrain) to test, characterize, calibrate and validate lidar measurements. It is ideal to train the operators how to apply regular check-ups and maintain the calibration.
  • a Lidar Components Testing Laboratory (LiCoTest) to deliver full characterization of the optical and electronic components which are part of the transmitter and receiver, essential when assessing the instrumental (systematic) errors.  
  • a mobile reference lidar POLIS to perform side-by-side intercomparison on the user site.
  • a reference lidar MUSA (in fixed or mobile configuration) for longer intercomparisons on the user site.
  • a Lidar Remote Quality Assurance (LiReQA) to perform fault diagnosis of any lidar system.
  • a Lidar Check-up Unit (LiCheckUnit) is a portable unit to inspect and debug the instrument on the user site.

Throught the ACTRIS-2 Transnational access (TNA) programme, LiCal is open to:

  • regular users (e.g. EARLINET stations),
  • weather services and aviation safety administrations,
  • lidar/ceilometer developers,
  • any new lidar stations planning to become operational.

For more information about LiCal and its TNA, visit the LiCal website: