European Center for Aerosol Calibration (ECAC)

The European Centre for Aerosol Calibration (ECAC) provides quality-assurance of physical, optical, and chemical in-situ aerosol measurements as well as capacity building to perform high-quality physical, optical, and chemical in-situ aerosol characterization.

ECAC is a multi-installation facility and consists of:

  • the World Calibration Centre for Aerosol Physics (WCCAP at TROPOS, Germany)
  • the European Laboratory for Air Pollution (ERLAP at JRC, Italy)
  • the Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor Calibration Centre (ACMCC at CNRS, France)

and offers the following services to all users of the scientific community, including SMEs:

  • Inter-comparisons and hands-on capacity building of operators for instrument operation and data processing at ECAC installations for Condensation Particle Counters, Aerosol Electrometers, Mobility, Aerodynamic and Optical Particle Size Spectrometers, Extinction monitors, Integrating Nephelometers, Absorption Photometers, Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counters (including reference instruments) at the WCCAP and Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitors at the ACMCC
  • Inter-laboratory comparisons of OC and EC measurements based on synthetic standards and ambient test samples provided by the ERLAP facility (remote access).
  • On-site intercomparisons with reference instruments of physical and optical in-situ aerosol instruments, including station audits
  • Hands-on capacity building of fundamentals in aerosol physics, physical and optical aerosol in-situ instruments, and aerosol in-situ sampling

Aerosol calibration is accessible throught ACTRIS-2 Transnational access (TNA) programme. For more information about ECAC and its TNA, please visit the ECAC website


ECAC 2018

Calibration Workshops/Intercomparisons 
January-October 2018
Germany, Italy and France