Glossary of terminology and definitions used in ACTRIS

This glossary has been latest updated 8.12.2017

ACTRIS data - are the ACTRIS variables resulting from measurements that fully comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP), measurement recommendations, and quality guidelines established within ACTRIS.

      ACTRIS level 0 data: Raw sensor output, either mV or physical units. Native resolution, metadata necessary for next level.
      ACTRIS level 1 data: Calibrated and quality assured data with minimum level of quality control.
      ACTRIS level 2 data: Approved and fully quality controlled ACTRIS data product or geophysical variable.
      ACTRIS level 3 data: Elaborated ACTRIS data products derived by post-processing of ACTRIS Level 0 -1 -2 data, and data from other sources. The data can be gridded or not. 
      ACTRIS syntheses product (Proper name to be defined later): Data product from e.g. research activities, not under direct ACTRIS responsibility, but ACTRIS offer repository and access.

ACTRIS Data Centre (DC) - the Central Facility responsible for ACTRIS data curation, preservation, and distribution of data, value-added products and tools, and hosting the ACTRIS data portal.

ACTRIS data originator - entity operating instruments at a National Facility or Topical Centre, resulting in ACTRIS data and delivering ACTRIS data to the Data Centre.

ACTRIS data provider - the Data Centre offering the ACTRIS data and value-added data products and tools to users.

ACTRIS digital tools and services - tailored codes and software for processing and visualization of ACTRIS data, production of ACTRIS data products, and for data analysis and research.

ACTRIS exploratory platform - National Facility (simulation chambers, laboratories, or mobile facilities) operating on campaign basis and delivering dedicated data to the Data Centre.

ACTRIS General Assembly (GA) - a council of ministry- and funding organization representatives of ACTRIS members after ACTRIS legal entity has been established, superior decision-making body of ACTRIS.

ACTRIS Head Office (HO) - a Central Facility coordinating and representing ACTRIS, and holding the statutory seat.

ACTRIS label - earmarks a data set or a measurement site as ACTRIS data or ACTRIS National Facility.

ACTRIS observational platform – ACTRIS National Facility performing long-term, regular observations and delivering standardized data to the Data Centre.

ACTRIS Topical Centres (TCs) – a Central Facility offering services and operation support for QA/QC of measurements and data (including training, calibration, QA/QC tools, and development of standard operation and evaluation procedures)

ACTRIS variables - the measured atmospheric variables as described in the ACTRIS Data Management Plan[1].

Central Facility (CF) - a European level ACTRIS component that offers ACTRIS data or other ACTRIS services to users as well as operation support to ACTRIS National Facilities.

Central Facility Unit – part of a Central Facility located at, and operated by a research performing organization (RPO) or by ACTRIS ERIC.

CF Director – the person responsible for the coordination and representation of a Central Facility.

CF Unit Head – the person responsible for the coordination and representation of a Central Facility unit.

CF Management Board – consists of the CF Unit Heads and the CF Director; this board manages the Central Facility.

Data curation - the activity that stores, manages and ensures access to all persistent data sets produced within the infrastructure.

Data traceability - an unbroken chain of uniquely identified process steps leading from raw data to any kind of processed data, where identification of process steps follows the data.

Interim ACTRIS Council - a council of ministry- and funding organization representatives of ACTRIS members before ACTRIS legal entity has been established (during the ACTRIS Preparation and Transition Phase), superior decision-making body of ACTRIS.

Measurement traceability - an unbroken chain of comparisons relating an instrument's measurements to a known standard, in the ideal case SI units.

National Facility (NF) - an observational or exploratory platform providing data and/or physical access to the platform within ACTRIS.

Quality assurance and control: Quality assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention; quality control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification:
       Quality Assurance (QA): The process or set of processes used to ensure the quality of a product (e.g. data series, instrument, sample, measured value of a variable, etc.),
       Quality Control (QC): The process and activities of ensuring products and services meet the expectations.


RI committee – consists of up to two representatives from each Central Facility and [three] representatives from the National Facilities Assembly; the RI committee supports the (Interim) Director or Board of Directors in operating the RI.

Service and Access Management Unit (SAMU) - a part of ACTRIS Head Office facilitating the access to ACTRIS services.

User - a person, a team, or an institution making use of ACTRIS data or other ACTRIS services, including access to ACTRIS facilities.

[1]The ACTRIS data management plan and list of variables were approved by ACTRIS-2 scientific steering committee, October 2015. These documents are expected to be refined during ACTRIS-PPP (WP5).