Call for hosting ACTRIS Central Facilities


ACTRIS (Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research Infrastructure) is a European Research Infrastructure providing data and services on short-lived components of the atmosphere. ACTRIS was adopted to the ESFRI roadmap in 2016. During the ongoing preparation phase (2017-2019), ACTRIS shall achieve maturity at organizational, operational, and strategic levels. The preparation phase is supported by the European Commission (ACTRIS Preparatory Phase Project, PPP) and partner countries and organizations at the national level. The ACTRIS Central Facilities host selection will be an essential outcome of ACTRIS PPP.

During the implementation phase (expected 2020-2024), the Central Facilities are constructed and their services are tested. ACTRIS operations will start step-by-step by ramping up the service provision. After the necessary legal preparations, ACTRIS shall become a legal entity (ERIC, European Research Infrastructure Consortium) funded by the Member countries. The target is to launch ACTRIS ERIC in the beginning of 2021. It is foreseen that ACTRIS will be fully operational by 2025.

For more information on ACTRIS and its implementation please see ACTRIS Stakeholders’ Handbook.

The call

The aim of this call is to select and approve the institutes that will be hosting ACTRIS Central Facilities when ACTRIS becomes operational. Each Central Facility shall be hosted by a (potentially multinational) consortium of institutes. The ACTRIS Central Facilities concerned in this call are:

- ACTRIS Head Office

- ACTRIS Data Centre

- Centre for Aerosol in-situ Measurements

- Centre for Aerosol Remote Sensing

- Centre for Cloud in-situ Measurements

- Centre for Cloud Remote Sensing

- Centre for Reactive Trace gases in-situ Measurements

- Centre for Reactive Trace gases Remote Sensing


The leader of the Central Facility host candidate consortium shall submit an application and the related attachments as .pdf to  by 8.8.2018 (midnight Central European Summer Time). The applications shall be made on the ACTRIS Central Facility host application template. Confirmation of receipt will be sent by e-mail to the leader of the candidate consortium.


Interim ACTRIS Council has decided a set of eligibility criteria for hosting ACTRIS Central Facilities. The eligibility criteria are:

  1. Each CF applicant is organized as a consortium (application is sent by the leader of the consortium on behalf of all Units)
  2. Each Unit of the CF applicant should be operated by a public or private, European non-profit research performing organisation.
  3. Each Unit of the ACTRIS Central Facility is already involved in ACTRIS. I.e. the applicants have to be involved in one of the ACTRIS projects (ACTRIS PPP, ACTRIS-2, EUROCHAMP 2020), linked to ACTRIS PPP either as a Beneficiary, Linked Third Party or as an Associate Partner, or via ACTRIS national consortium.

Application process

Actors in the process:

Central Facility host candidate is the consortium applying for hosting an ACTRIS Central Facility. Only one application by a candidate consortium shall be submitted by the leader of the consortium on behalf of all the participating institutes.

Central Facility selection task group facilitates the Central Facility selection process, but will not participate in the evaluation, nor in the applications. The group is mandated by Interim ACTRIS Council, and consists of individuals representing different aspects of ACTRIS PPP, and observers from Interim ACTRIS Council.

External evaluators are independent experts external to ACTRIS Central Facility selection process. Each application for a given Central Facility will be evaluated by a group of experts in the field of that particular Central Facility. All applications for a given Central Facility will be evaluated by the same group of experts. The names of the evaluators will not be published during the selection process.

Interim ACTRIS Council is a body consisting of ministry- and funding agency representatives from counties participating in ACTRIS. It is the highest decision making body in ACTRIS. In the Central Facility host selection process their role is to decide the hosts for each ACTRIS Central Facility. 


  1. The Central Facility host candidate consortium submits an application and related attachments as .pdf to by 8.8.2018 (midnight Central European Summer Time). The applications shall be made on the ACTRIS Central Facility host application template. Confirmation of receipt will be sent by e-mail to the leader of the candidate consortium.
  2. The application will be evaluated for three main areas: 1) Scientific excellence and experience on specific service provision, 2) Feasibility, including capacity and maturity of operational support and service provision, implementation plan, resources and operational management, and 3) demonstrated institutional support. The evaluation reports will be provided to the candidate consortia leaders 12.9.2018.
  3. The candidates will have a possibility to give a written response to the questions raised by the evaluators (only one response document per consortium). This response shall be sent by e-mail toby 28.9.2018 (midnight Central European Summer Time). This response will not be sent to the evaluators.ACTRIS Central Facility selection task group will collect the applications, evaluation reports and written responses, and provide them and a summary of the evaluation results to Interim ACTRIS Council, which shall make the selection of Central Facility hosts in 25.10.2018.


Documents for the CF host application -->

Important dates

Call opens 11.6.2018

Call closes 8.8.2018

Evaluation results available 12.9.2018

Response to evaluator comments due 28.9.2018

Decision on Central Facility hosts 25.10.2018


In case of questions concerning Central Facility selection process, please contact Selection task group .

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