ACTRIS-2 Collaboration with EUFAR


EUFAR is an EU FP7-Integrating Activity (2014-2018) with the aim to provide researchers with easy and open access to the airborne research facilities that are most suited to their needs. EUFAR works to coordinate the operation of instrumented aircraft and remote sensing instruments. The high maneuverability of instrumented aircraft allows researchers to pursue atmospheric phenomena, especially useful in remote locations, follow their evolution and explore their chemistry and physics from small spatial sales up to thousands of kilometers. Within EUFAR, TransNational Access is offered to 17 instrumented aircraft ranging from a low- and slow-flying small single-engine aircraft (ENDURO) to a 4-engine jet aircraft that is capable of carrying several tons of instrumentation payload (BAe146).


ACTRIS-2 supports collaborations with other environmental research infrastructures. ACTRIS-2 users interested in projects that require the use of instrumented aircraft are encouraged to collaborate with EUFAR to benefit from joint access to both facilities. Although collaborative ACTRIS-2/EUFAR TNA activities will require separate applications to each TNA programme in order to be compliant with their respective procedures, concerted ACTRIS-2/EUFAR TNA projects will be strongly supported. Collaborative TNA actions can be envisaged through:

·        parallel (joint) applications to both ACTRIS-2 and EUFAR, specifying the need of the respective facilities in each proposal form,

·        complementary applications to either TNA programme (e.g., in case an ACTRIS-2 proposal is already accepted),

·        joining an existing research group developing a current EUFAR2 TNA project.

Interested users should ensure to clearly specify the requirements and needed support from each facility in the proposal form. The evaluation of collaborative activities will be coordinated by the TNA managers of both ACTRIS-2 / EUFAR projects.

For more information about ACTRIS-2 opportunities: ACTRIS-2 TNA or details about research possibilities within EUFAR: EUFAR  TNA

In case of interest for a joint TNA access, contact both ACTRIS Coordination Office: and the responsible for TNA in EUFAR, Philip Brown: