ACTRIS appoints Trust-IT Services to upgrade its web portal

08 September 2020

ACTRIS appoints Trust-IT Services to upgrade its web portal
As part of its efforts to better engage its community, ACTRIS has selected Trust-IT Services to upgrade and enhance its web portal. 

ACTRIS website plays a vital role in communicating and disseminating information to a wide range of stakeholders. In June 2020, ACTRIS, through the Finnish Meteorological Institute, published an invitation to tender to procure services for the development of its website and the provision of hosting and maintenance services.

Trust-IT Services was selected to carry out the project given its extensive experience working with European research initiatives, marketing, IT and science communication companies. Trust-IT Services has had more than 10-years experience developing innovative web and IT solutions for research and innovation initiatives and commercial clients. Leveraging its in-house marketing, graphics and IT teams, Trust-IT has been a trusted partner for research institutions across Europe. 

Interim ACTRIS Leader Sanna Sorvari Sundet said, ”ACTRIS website is a fundamental tool for promoting of ACTRIS and its services. ACTRIS is developing at a fast pace and we need a web platform which is agile and scalable. This project is a milestone for ACTRIS which lays out the basis for implementation of future features and services of ACTRIS. We are confident that with TRUST-IT’s experience we will reach our expectation.”

Trust-IT Services CEO Silvana Muscella said, “We are proud to have been selected by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. We will be mobilising our best technical competences to deliver the new ACTRIS web platform, also taking Trust-IT’s advantageous position in the work it already does in the research infrastructures arena.”

The project kicked off on 7 September 2020 and is expected to be carried out until the end of 2021.