ACTRIS is developing towards becoming an ERIC

ACTRIS is developing towards becoming a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

On 23rd of January 2019, the Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC) has mandated Finland to submit ACTRIS ERIC Step 1 documents to the European Commission.

ACTRIS ERIC provides the governance of ACTRIS. ACTRIS ERIC establishes and operates the research infrastructure and coordinates the strategic and financial development and eventual long-term operation of ACTRIS.

ACTRIS is an European Research Infrastructure for short-lived atmospheric constituents increasing the excellence in Earth system observation and research and providing information and knowledge for developing sustainable solutions to societal needs.


ACTRIS ERIC statutory seat will be hosted by Finland and the ACTRIS Head Office operated by Finland and Italy. 

For more information contact ACTRIS Office.

Finland to host ACTRIS ERIC Statutory seat

On 8th of June 2018, the Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC) approved the Finnish offer to host ACTRIS ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). Finland expressed its willingness to host the statutory seat for ACTRIS ERIC in 2015 in the proposal to ESFRI 2016 Roadmap. In May 2018 the Finnish Committee confirmed the commitment and the readiness to lead and coordinate the ACTRIS ERIC application process.

ACTRIS will be coordinated by the legal entity ACTRIS ERIC. The task of ACTRIS ERIC is to establish and operate a distributed research infrastructure, which shares high-quality datasets and provides services tailored for scientific and public usage in the area of atmospheric sciences. ACTRIS ERIC provides the governance of ACTRIS, and coordinates the strategic development in order to secure the long-term operation of ACTRIS.

The preparations for ACTRIS as a research infrastructure started back in 2014 and currently there are 18 European countries involved at ministry level. ACTRIS plans to be fully operational by 2025 and will offer its services for at least 20 years.